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Hi David,
I Received my Volvo V40 R Design today and could not be happier. The car has more than met my expectations, but just as important the service from you has been impeccable throughout. From the initial very competitive quote, all the way through to the delivery today was a pleasure that I could not fault in any way. Keep up the exceptional work, Thanks a lot.

Angela Clarke

FVF have been suppyling our vehicles for the last 9 years. They make everything seem so easy and straight forward. They even brought a car to us to test drive when all the local dealers did not have the car we were looking for. The team are so helpful and friendly.
I recommended FVF to a family member and a neighbour from which both have said how pleased they were with the service they received. If you are looking for a small hatchback or a prestige car the service is all the same which is first class. We look forward to dealing with Chris and the team for many years to come.

Dean Nash

I have used First Vehicle Finance a few times now, I would never go anywhere else. They are extremely professional, understand customer needs and very competitive in price. David has been fantastic as always and always follows up on after sales care. I would highly recommend them.

Carole Hull

Will kept my details on file and contacted me as soon as a deal became available on a car closest to my specification. After that, the whole process was pain free.

Stuart Young

We needed a new family car quickly! Knowing we would need a new one in 2 years time we decided to lease one! First Vehicle finance was recommended to us by a friend and the recommendation was spot on! What amazing service and we got our new Audi Q5 at an even higher spec than we expected! Awesome !

Tanja Kent

First Vehicle Finance Ltd and David Linsdell (our Account Manager) have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. We needed a new pool car for our business and selected a Smart car. We received 3 quotes from lease hire companies (2 were on our network preferred supplier list) and First Vehicle had the best quote; significantly cheaper monthly costs, more choice of model and the best delivery date. The whole process has been efficient and extremely professional and we have been very impressed with the personal attention to detail displayed by David and First Vehicle. I would sincerely recommend them as the Vehicle Lease company of choice, and have urged our franchise network to adopt them as a preferred supplier.

William De Sousa

Car arrived before time and is completely as expected, with no disappointments.

Thanks for your help, which in the time frame, went beyond exemplary. The service given was first class and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Kind regards


Graham Tapley

David - a quick note to thank you for sorting out the X3.

The car arrived at 9:10 this morning, and Bernard Rooney followed up with a call to see if everything was ok.

I did not expect this level of service as we had not bought from you before, and I'm delighted.

Thanks for all your help over the months on sorting out the finance and spec on my X3 and June and John's X1.

Many companies spout about excellent customer service but few deliver like your company has.

Thanks again, Giles

Giles Blackburn

First Vehicle Finance Ltd and Richard couldn't have been more helpful. My wife had a very specific car in mind and a set monthly budget and Richard took a great deal of time in helping to explain all of the finance options, helping every step of the way in making sure we got our perfect car and under budget! The process was made very easy and the service was fantastic to the extent that I am now looking to finance a car for myself with First Vehicle! Highly recommend!

Alex Mayle

I would like to thank Chris Fairchild and Juliet Whitmore for their efficient and friendly service. Their experience and care showed, I now drive the car I wanted, within the budget I had in mind and am glad to say the whole process was painless. Many thanks and all the best! Will definitely recommend.

Marina G

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Lease Range Rover Velar Vs Lease Jaguar F-Pace S Review

Range Rover Velar Vs Jaguar F-Pace S Review
The Luxury SUV battle!


First things first – Pricing.What do they cost in comparison.
The Jaguar F Pace comes in cheaper at £35,435 for the entry level model.


The Land Rover Range Rover Velar come in more expensive at £43,850 but as a result, you get a bit more bang for your buck. You get lots of extra luxury and comfort.


Why the price difference and which one is better.
Both made by the same company. You might think then they are both the same car? As the keys are identical and so are the consoles and the gear shift... Same car, right??Wrong they are not the same – while they might have some standard similarities - they are definitely, not the same car.

Firstly, both fail on our sun visor test – there is NO extension of the sun visors they are just standard sun visors – not a massive deal but would be a nice to have! But fear not they both have some other great features.

Boot space
Box test – Both can fit 12 - 20 Litre boxes. The Jaguar F Pace has more litreage but realistically how many litres of milk are you going to be transporting...How many boxes you can fit in the boot would be more an appropriate test – hence we discovered that you can fit 12 – 20 - litre boxes into both and that is what makes the difference in the real world. How many suitcases can you fit – how much camping equipment, how many dogs, how many moving boxes... no one really cares how many litres of milk you can transport about in the boot of your car.

The Jaguar and the Velar are both 380 HP / 332 TQ. They are quick but not fast cars. Bearing in mind they are very big cars, so they are a lot heavier on the road. But they both pull of quickly. But I would not say they are the fastest SUV’s on the market. But they go a decent speed on the motorway and at being limited to 70 miles / hour on the motorway- do you really need it to go much faster... they are not the fastest shifting gears (ZF 8 speed gears) - but if you use the paddles you will get the gears to shift faster, but they both don’t do this naturally when in auto. There is a lots of down shift lag if you don’t use the paddles.

Both are just as fast as each other if you were to theoretically have a drag race. We did not do this for legal reasons, but you are welcome to try.

The wheels

The Velar comes with 22” wheels – while the Jaguar F Pace comes in 20” wheels.Part of the S package on the Jaguar is you get the black tinting and black out grill and red brake calipers.
This makes it look really sleek and very sporty.Both have duel exhaust. Jaguars looks better and sounds better in a dual exhaust as it is connected directly to the exhaust. Jaguar sits higher and has a gap between the car and the wheel, whereas on the Velar, the wheels sit nice and snug within the wheel arches.
The black O package makes the Velar look like a beast – it is entirely black and looks like a beast on the road. In our opinion, the F Pace looks nice and is very eye catching in terms of the colours that it comes in, but the Velar just looks so much better.
But this is totally just my opinion.

Door Handles
The door handles on the Velar are pretty impressive. They pop out when you unlock your car whereas the Jaguar has regular handles. The interior of the Velar has mood lighting – change it to your preference of colour.

The cool thing about the Velar is it has air suspension. The air suspension on the Land Rover Range Rover Velar is so handy. If you want to raise the boot for loading it will raise the boot to the right height you want it to lift up or drop-down, making loading and unloading much easier. It also has very handy off-road modes that you can use – simply hit a button and the entire car will be lifted up to make off roading easier.

However, I’m not sure how many people will actually take this car £43K car off roading … but never the less it’s a pretty cool feature if you need your suspension raised.


Both the Velar and the F Pace can tow 5000 pounds – however the Velar can pull slightly more than the F Pace.


The way the seating is designed and positioned in the Jaguar it gives you a very sporty race car feel. The seats in the Velar are designed more for comfort. So much so that you have the option for them to massage you!
Both have heated rear seats and rear climate control.
The Jaguar has reclining rear seats which is great.

The Velar wins the category hands down. If you like tech and screens and gadgets you won't go wrong with the Velar – it has 2 screens and loads of interactive little gadgets and buttons. The F Pace Jaguar has it all neatly packaged into one screen. I suppose it’s a case of personal preference if you want it all on one screen or on multiple screens. The multiple screen options might make you feel a bit overwhelmed with information initially, whereas the Jaguar has it all in one and you know where everything is. The great thing about the info screen in the Velar is that you can change the angle of the screen to avoid sun glare on the screen which can be annoying and most of the previous models in the Land Rover range don’t have this option.

Start stop button

The Velar has the start-stop button in the same place as every other car in the world – however, it is a bit tucked away under the steering wheel – but you can move the wheel up to access it. The Jaguar F Pace has it’s start button where the radio volume button would be. We just felt this was in an odd place – but again just a personal preference.

Steering wheel and Gages

Digital screens on both.
You can get the screen to go into full map mode on both which is very handy and looks cool.
With regards to the controls on the steering column – the Velar has a changing digital paddle which is very handy but can be difficult to get used to and again is a bit overwhelming if you are not used to it.
The Jaguar has very simple, normal controls on the paddles, but you know exactly how to use them and what they are.

Conclusion - if you want a car that is a very sporty looking, feeling and driving car - go for the Jaguar. If you want luxury, comfort and tech go for the Velar.
The drive on the F Pace is better than the Velar, but in terms of luxury and tech, the Land Rover Velar would be the car of choice for you. The F Pace is slightly faster than the Land Rover Velar, but it is only marginal. So, if you are a speedy, sporty kind of person go for the F Pace Jaguar but if you want a comfortable drive go for the Land Rover Velar.
We offer a great range of finance options on both these cars and many more. Follow the links below to see what our latest offers are on these beautiful cars.
Our staff at First Vehicle Finance are here to help you with all your Leasing Questions.


Just remember
*You can choose whatever make and model and colour you like
*We deliver country wide to your door
*You get to drive your dream car at a much lower monthly rate than if you were to take out an HP contract
*Very low initial payment so you can keep your money in your bank.
*We will even price match


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I first engaged with Chris Fairchild back in 2014 and have found him to be of great assistance, honourable and a thoroughly good person to deal with. My last 2 cars have been via Chris and I am sure many more will follow. It is with great delight I endorse his work and cannot recommend him highly enough.

Adrian Orton

I am would just like to say thank you to First Vehicle Finance for organising my new car that arrived this week.

This is now the second car I have had from you and on both occasions, I found Will and Rob to be professional and efficient in the way that they dealt with my order.

I will continue to recommend your service to my friends, family and colleagues in the future.

Vicki Brett

Will kept my details on file and contacted me as soon as a deal became available on a car closest to my specification. After that, the whole process was pain free.

Stuart Young

I am a company car user and have 2 cars with First Finance and regularly speak to Richard Mayle and Juliet via email,in the last few weeks I purchased a car for my wife, very happy with the car everything from start to finish happened so easily and efficiently. Fantastic service.

Pete Patel

Will Chan
I had dealt with First Vehicle Finance before and on both occasions I have found the service to be excellent. They listen to the requirements and deliver.

Will Chan

Helpful and friendly team of people. We have been using First Finance for a number of years now and would highly recommend them.

Jacqueline Wilson-Brown

Hi David,
I Received my Volvo V40 R Design today and could not be happier. The car has more than met my expectations, but just as important the service from you has been impeccable throughout. From the initial very competitive quote, all the way through to the delivery today was a pleasure that I could not fault in any way. Keep up the exceptional work, Thanks a lot.

Angela Clarke

My truck back has now had the top installed. I can honestly say it's now my favourite car I've owned (over my RS5)

And I can't thank you enough for your hard and consistent service you've offered me. Please don't change your ways. You're a great company to deal with. Hats off to Will for battling hard for my custom. I wasn't an easy client.

Will be in touch in the next month for another truck and van


Jamie B @ Prestige

Hi Will I am currently out the country working, I have been in regular contact with my wife she told me that the transfer of the vehicles went down without a hitch, unfortunately I was in Iraq when this all happened so as yet I have not seen the car in the flesh, but I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help from start to finish of the process, I had a good experience the first time I dealt with you and have had another flawless experience this time and I look forward to dealing with you again in another 3 years thanks agaim Will.


Archie Tannock

Archie Tannock

Good Morning Chris
Just reporting back on my new company car I recieved from you yesterday. Very impressed on the model and spec of the car,what is also incredible is that its a bigger engine than my previouse model yet it has a lower emission output.This is good from a tax point but also better for the enviroment.The MPG is also better so that will result in operating cost for the company being lower. I have to say that when my old car was collected it was a bit sad as it had given me 3 years of trouble free motoring.I had not even had to change one single light bulb on the car during that time.Look forward to the next three years of motoring with my new car. Thanks again for all the help with giving me and my colleques all the P11D information for us to send to the HMRC office regarding personal taxation liability and the delivery was right on the day specified.
Best Regards
Gary Day

Gary Day

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Posted on 10th August 2018 at 9:30 AM

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